The Auric Healing Wand

Is the Auric Healing Wand ( also called the Infinity Wand ) all cracked up to what it claims to be? They claim to be an alternative to the popular Amega wand with their own infusion technology but inaccuracies through their site have proven otherwise.

Do Your Due Diligence On The Auric Healing Wand

Did you know over the last 4 years they actually changed the name of their product, infusion technology and Scientist multiple times?

If something is a legitimate product why would they change the name of their product, their infusion technology and even their scientist who created the technology.

In this picture below, we are comparing their website on June 4th, 2011 to their website on October 30th, 2012. We can see that in 2011, their infusion process is called Ayan Infusion Process, and is claimed to be created by Professor Emeritus. In 2012, however, their infusion process is now called Auric Field Infusion, and is claimed to be created by Dr. Yury Kronn. The wand being sold remained the same throughout the entire time.

Auric Energy Wand Scam

We aren’t making this up! You can double check this information yourself by using the internet archives to look at their old site ( they even still sell the free the wand on their current site ). Click Here to view how their site appeared on June 4 2011. You can also use to view how their site looked at any date in the past.

Auric Healing Wand is Made Up Science

Have you seen one video with either of these scientists talking about their Product the Auric healing wand? No? They have one video of Dr. Yury Kronn taking about energy healing therapies but nowhere does it mention their wand and there is even another website at the bottom of the video. From his past history Dr. Kronn looks to have not published anything since 1998, 15 years ago!. It looks like they are just paying to use his likeness to promote their product.