What You Need To Know

They have a very convincing page called “What You Need To Know” about what to watch out for when shopping for healing wands claiming them and amega are the only real wands with all other wands being cheap knock off nano wands from china. This page bashes other zero point energy wands based on “facts”  if we judge their wand based on their “facts” and criteria they look more like the knock off wand.

They have a lot of misinformation about how energy testing and other brands so below we will clarify some of the most apparent pieces of mis-information.

AuricField Technology

Claim 1: Auricfield – Exclusive Technology

Truth: as we explain here that they have changed their Scientist who invented their technology multiple times and the name of the infusion technology. Their “proprietary technology” is no more then made up names which change every few years.

Energetic Testing

They claim to be against pseudo science but when describing which methods of testing they believe to be pseudo science is full of inaccurate errors. It is very clear they do not understand energetic medicine or testing.

Claim 1: Kirlian photography does not measure suble energy healing tools.

Fact: Kirlian Photography measures the Aura of people and the aura of energy tools. If an energy tools has energy you will be able to measure it with Kirlian photography.


Claim 2: Ionization is an electro-magnetic effect.

Fact: This statement is so far off so lets explain what ionization is and what electro-magnetic effects are.

  • Ionization is referring to the negative ions coming off energy tools. this is when negative ions with extra electrons come off energy tools. These act as an antioxidant and increase your energy. We can measure this with an Ion Meter and in fact we will get a ionic reading off their wands even though they bash this technology dispite their own wand actually using it! I guess they don’t even know what their wand is made of?
  • Electromagnetic – This is only measured with a gauss meter, you can either test the electronic fields which are harmful coming off your everyday electronics or measure the positive effective from magnets when movement is applied.

While negative ions are not zero point or scalar energy they are a beneficial form of energy medicine. They clearly do not understand what ionization is compared to electro-magnetic fields which are two completely different things.


Claim 3: Vibra Scan testing measure electro-magnetic fields.

Fact: Again electro-magnetic fields are measured by a gauss meter. The VibraScan is a subtle energy measurement  tool used by several companies which tests the overall subtle energy level of a product. It is not a guass meter.


They claim these statements  are in line with their “Ethics Policy”. Either they really do not understand the simple differences between testing electromagnetic fields and negative ions or they are making up information to device people. Doesn’t sound very ethical does it?

Can you really trust a company that sells EMF protection but doesn’t even understand what measures electro-magnetic fields?


Energy Supermarkets Are Bad Says AuricEnergy

Claim: Internet sites that offer Scalar pendants, wands, EMF Protection, Water filtration etc, etc. are referred to as ‘Energy Supermarkets’ who just sell cheap products from China.

Fact: They site fits their exact definition they have; Wands, Pendants, EMF Protection(onyx), Water filtration ( vaurionizer )and even pet care products, creams and sprays.

By their own definition they are a energy supermarket, but they are also saying energy supermarkets sell junk products. Well they got this one right, they do sell junk energy products from china.