1. Made up Infusion Technology: They changed the Scientist who invented their Infusion Technology several times. They don’t actually use any infusion technology.

2: They do not understand the basics of how other energy medicine such work such as Kirilian Photography, negative ions and more.

3: They do not even know what their wand is made of claiming its made from quartz crystals when it can be easily tested that they used ion powered.


Due to their lack of understanding of energy medicine, made up infusion technology, and  not knowing what their wand is made of it is very clear their brand is not to be trusted but have just used very strong marketing efforts to try to trick consumers otherwise.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

The Auric Healing Wand is a clear do not buy as it is just a re-branded knock off from China. Make sure to do your research when looking for a quality zero point energy wand or if you want a cheap wand like theirs you might as well buy one off ebay for $20.